Mommies out there--opinion please =)

  1. My dearest friend had a baby boy last November :smile: His birthday is right around the corner and I'd like to purchase the Dada bracelet for him. Which do you ladies prefer, the round or the rectangular ID?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Oh my gf showed me these few days ago too!! I really like the round one.
  3. My first reaction was to say rectangular for a boy, I dont know why, but thats what my first instinct was....

    Both are lovely!!!

    ETA: now that I look at the pics, maybe I was subliminally influenced!!!
  4. Me like the round one..:heart:
  5. ^You know, I didn't notice at first, but that is funny!

    I love Hermes artwork, aren't these pictures absolutely adorable?!
  6. On the rectangular one you would be able to have his name engraved.
    I just :heart: all things personalized :smile:
  7. MsReya is right. That would be lovely!!
  8. that would be so sweet, and on the rectangular you could put his name on the front and something on the back too.....
  9. I like the round one as the horse is bigger. But you can engrave his name on the other.
  10. round.
  11. rectangle for a boy- it's more rugged, like military dogtags.
  12. round
  13. Rectangular one with his name engraved.
  14. MsCupcake I don't know if you've considered anything else - perhaps the lovely fork and spoon. I personally wouldn't put jewellery on a baby boy. I just want you to be sure your friend will use whatever you buy her son :smile:
  15. ^^These were my thoughts too. What a lovely friend you are!!