Mommies driven to kill other mom's kids?

  1. Did anyone read this article in Marie Claire?

    The article is called "Murder in the mothers club" and is about the pressure on young mothers in Japan, especially in the playground and kindergarten, where mothers form "mommy cliques" while their children are on playdates. The cliques have a head mom and crazy competition to stay accepted. And because these women all don't work, this clique (as well as their husband's job status and children's performance) is their whole life.

    The article is about 2 moms who went bonkers after feeling excluded and seeing their kids feel the consequences (slighted by the other kids and not allowed to play in the same sandbox) and killed the other mom's kid(s)...:sad: One of them stopped getting along with the "leader mom" around when her own child didn't pass the 2-year-old kindergarten entrance exam :wtf: and after her kids got shut out of play time, snapped and strangled the boss mom's daughter.

    I showed this to my BF and said that this is insane, and he said oh, makes sense to him. Where he comes from (suburb in Cali), lots of crazy moms are inches from that. :shocked:
  2. Okay, that's just crazy!!! Like how weak minded are you seriously! I wouldn't let some stupid people make feel bad because I didn't meet their stupid standards. Much less drive me to murder a poor innocent child!!
  3. That's crazy competition! It's like highschool all over again for these moms.
  4. I just got my Marie Claire today and am not ready to read such a horrifying story....especially after today's events but I will post as soon as I do.
  5. It's like that incident here in Texas where the mom was driven to kill just to get her daughter on the cheerleading squad... crazyyyyy
  6. OMG those women are crazy....seriously, they need to get a life!
  7. Oh yeah, I remember that! That was one crazy lady, for cheerleading how petty!
  8. I guess there are always those who kill because of jealousy (like those dorm roommate killings years back...always killing the popular roommate) but this is kinda young! 2 year olds??
  9. Not that I agree with this in the least but we have to consider the culture they have in different places. Like there they are taught and grew up believing they HAVE to do this or that and if they don't it's extremely dishonourable etc. etc. etc.
  10. crazy people and women..... what a society and group to be in! that's terrible for moms and the kids... they need to construct their own sandbox and just get away from these crazy women...
  11. crrrrrrrazy
  12. that is a whole box of crazy right there! but so sad too, and slightly scary...
  13. That's scary!!! I can't believe she killed a girl because of being ignored by the other moms. Sheesh they need jobs.
  14. That is crazy, but sounds like only a slightly more intense version of Upper East Side Manhattan!
  15. You have a point, as far as Japan is concerned (and other cultures). But you see versions of this sort of behaviour everywhere.

    And it does tend to be where women are validated by what their husbands do for a living, rather than their own accomplishments. One example is in the Armed Forces, where the wives have status related to the rank of their husbands.

    But there are many women, kids or not, who validate themselves through their husbands careers. You only have to observe what happens when the husband leaves them for a new model, to see how tenuous this is. Which is one reason I have always relied on myself for my position in society - whether in a marriage or not - I've brought my daughter up to be independent too.