Momma's got a brand new bag: Galliera GM Azur


May 14, 2009
Sydney, Australia
After trawling The Purse Forum and getting tidbits on the Galliera GM Azur across many forums - enough to make up my mind to get the bag - Ive decided to provide an indepth review of this amazing bag - complete with images.

This review specifically relates to the GM size in Azur. There's heaps of stuff out there on the PM already. :0)

Why the Galliera GM Azur
• Have lusted after this bag ever since seeing it being used by someone in the street.
• GM as its the best size to fit stuff for baby and me plus it seems to be a bit more edgy than the PM
• Azur - I dont have that print plus refer to point 1.
• LOVE LOVE LOVE the plaque. says super luxe to me. beautiful.

Its a big bag - its all in how you carry it - and how you carry yourself.
The GM is a big bag - but doesnt feel as big once its on the shoulder with stuff in it and pulls the bag down a bit and slouches and I wear it a bit to the back.

I am 159cm tall (5 foot 2 - I think is the conversion)

The tan & arent you worried?
Yes its got Vachetta (natural cow hide) - and I had the opportunity to see one with a tan on it from being on display under lights and it looked BEAUTIFUL. in fact without the tan - I felt it looked a little naked. of course thats MY opinion and this is MY review. :0)

And yes I am a little worried that it might get marked up being a light print - but hey I had to go with what I fell in love with and i feel I can keep it in decent shape with a little maintenance. I got the alcohol & lotion free wipes on hand.

And no I dont think this is just a summer bag. This is my anytime I feel like carrying it bag.

The Strap

The genius of this bag - is the two big rings that attach between the bag and the strap - this allows the strap to swing to the side allowing full access to the inside of the bag without having to reach around the strap. PLUS this allows for the strap to stay on your shoulder. Unless you walk at an angle - the bag straps need to be able to curve a little in to stay on your shoulders which the rings do with no problem.

(I have owned a single strap bag prior to this and it kept falling off the shoulder - this was due to it being one strap sewn directly onto bag so everytime i moved the strap would fall due to the body of the bag being pushed out)

The wide strap is very comfortable.

Whats in the bag?
I can fit a truck load of stuff in this bag. Contents of bag:

I got a nappy bag insert to go into the bag. Its quite neat - it has two insulated bottle holders and a padded change mat along with lots of pockets and straps to hold everything in place.

My Stuff: Wallet, Coin Purse, Keys, Lipstick, powder, Phone

Baby Stuff:

2x Cloth diapers
Padded change mat
Disposable change mat
Paper bags
Wet bags
Baby Powder
Hand Sanitiser
Baby Wrap
Cloth hanky
Plastic packing case with spare baby outfit, disposable nappy, wipes.

Top & bottom
It has no zip - but its a deep bag - I prob wouldnt use this bag in pickpocket central anyways. :0)

The bag has little feet - It does keep most of the bottom off the floor but since the bag has so much volume - a little of it does touch


Sep 27, 2006
thank you very much for this review. I am pregnant and plan to buy a pratical bag for baby stuff. I would be happy to go for the galliera


purses + books = ♥
Jan 5, 2009
southeast asia
i own the Azur Galliera in the PM.. and though i chose the 'smaller' size, the points you touched are spot on.. :okay:
it truly is a lovely choice.. congrats!


Apr 21, 2009
Thanks for posting the very informative (&fantastic) pics. I'm thinking which mummy bag to buy. Looks like I can consider the galliera too!