Moment of Truth on Fox

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  1. Is anyone else watching this show...leave it to Fox to try and ruin marriages...of course these people signed up for it....

    I don't think I could sit there as long as this wife for the first couple, Catia, has been sitting there...damn
  2. I have it on Tivo because DH wants to watch it! :confused1: Kind of a disturbing thought to agree as a couple to go on a show like that for $$$$. omg, I would NEVER. There's not enough money in this world to get me on that show.
  3. this is one i truly WILL NOT watch. this is horrible tv. when will the strike end?!?! :crybaby:
  4. I would never, but my husband is like, I have nothing to hide...I'd go

    I guess that's good :confused1:
  5. ^^ lol ! Sounds like my DH! I told DH I didn't understand why anyone would VOLUNTEER to be on the show, and why we have to watch this trash. He said, what's wrong with the truth? you're just being honest!~ MEN, I tell ya. So Simple~
  6. It moved a bit slow for me but I liked it! The first couple... I got weird vibes from the wife like maybe SHE should have been in the seat. This second guy just seems weird!
  7. I wonder if anyone will ever sue the show for breaking up relationships.. just wondering LOL.
  8. It's good for a quick $10,000 but then the questions start getting scary! I know I would never want to go on that show
  9. I'm on westcoast... still waiting for it to come on over here. But I've been waiting since I saw the commercial awhile back... have it set to TiVo...
  10. It looks too fake, the second guy especially was so unbelievable.....unless the producers told him to act like a caricature of middle-aged, pathetic doofus....all those little pauses, stares, and odd bug-eyed facial expressions to build up suspense.....:rolleyes:
  11. I felt it was pretty slow. I am glad they asked the 2nd guy about his hair, as soon as I saw him I knew!
  12. Blech. Booooring. I didn't like it. I'm so sick of these stupid suspense game shows....with these loud instruments between the question and the......................................................answer! :s
    Stupid. My brain hurts. I'm watching Project Runway reruns.:rolleyes:
  13. ^ I agree it was very boring. I changed the channel after 5 minutes.

    It's sicking how low people will stoop to make a buck!
  14. He kinda reminds me of Bowser from Sha Na Na, albeit not as thin/lanky. Similiar hair, face, eyes.

    And if anyone actually knows who sha na na is, guess what, you just dated yourself too LOL!
  15. Oh no! Sha na na! Get out! Of course I remember them! :sad::wlae::push: