Mombasa in The Rain.....

  1. My week just got off to a really lousy start. I took my new (brown) Mombasa out for its first spin and got caught in a downpour coming into the office. It's been sitting in my office for three hours now and it's becoming painfully obvious that the water marks are there for keeps and I now have a polka dotted Mombasa.

    Has anyone else suffered this misfortune with theirs? I've had other leathers bags get wet before but they always dried up and there were no spots left behind. Is there any sort of treatment that might make the spots less obvious? The marks are only on one side since it was on my shoulder. I'm half tempted to just spritz the whole thing with water and see what happens.

    I am NOT a happy camper right now.... :mad:
  2. ^ Prada Psycho, I'm sorry to hear that.
    I recommend taking the bag to a leather repair expert, they will be able to fix it. Good luck & keep us updated. =)

    My local stores/boutiques highly recommend Factotum and Pasquales.

    Margaret's Factotum Expert Leather Repair

    PASQUALES Shoe Repair
    San Vincente & Hauser
    5616 San Vicente Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90019
  3. Thanks Helena, but I when I got home I got a mist bottle with water and lightly sprayed the bag with water. Worked like a charm! It's nothing I'd recommend to anyone else, but I had a hunch it would work. Gave the leather a nice darker look too. I actually like it! I love it when a plan comes together. :wlae:
  4. ^ Glad to hear you were able to fix your bag and it isnt damaged! It was a smart idea to spritz it with water.
  5. Oh WOW! You were brave! I'm glad that your method worked. =)
  6. Glad to hear that everything turned out. It was probably just residue dirt in the rain water.