Mombasa!!! help lol

  1. ANyone have this bag in a medium size please post some pics, all thats left in the company is the medium . I love the large size. Do you think this is a classic bag.Thanks...
  2. Mombasa is definitely a classic bag. =)
  3. thanks bag lover! Im thinking of getting one
  4. It is definitely a classic bag. :smile:
  5. Yes, absolutely. It is classic bag.
  6. definitely a classic i love mine so much :heart: heres a pic of my medium sized mombasa
  7. :love: :love: Yup, I have to get this bag, I love it.
  8. My all-time favorite bag. I carried it yesterday.
  9. have you looked on eBay for a large? they do show up. I just got one - I love it! It's jumped to the position of my favorite bag! So simple, so classic, so interesting.
  10. I would love a large , but I am now scared of eBay! :sad:
  11. You have to be very careful on eBay...but I have bought and sold authentic bags on the website...good luck !!
  12. Classic! Must get one!!! So happy that I did!
  13. CLASSIC - maybe one of the most classic bags ever issued. You'll never get sick of it
  14. Hi,
    this is the small size ( I think...) and I like it!!
    It's a classic bautiful bag, you can use it for work and in the evening!!:heart: :heart: :heart: