Mom needs HELP for Xmas present!

  1. I'm hoping maybe some of you gals who collect Coach bags can help me out....I think it may be a long shot, but a few months ago I was shopping with my daughter - she's 22, and we were at a Coach outlet and she saw a bag that she liked. It was a pink patchwork (I think the SA called it summer patchwork) bag, came in a few different sizes, etc...

    I should have bought it right then for her, but she wanted to go and look at Saks for something else and we never got back there. A couple of days ago I asked her to give me a Christmas wish list..........and you guessed it - the bag is at the top of her list. I have called a couple of outlets and searched eBay but I am having no luck finding one of these bags.

    Any ideas where I might be able to find one? :sos:
  2. eBay is probably your best bet.. You may have to keep looking for one to pop up.

    Just have it authenticated in the Authenticate this Coach thread. I hope you find one for your daughter!!!

  3. Does anyone have any idea if it was called "Summer Patchwork"?
  4. i think i know what your talking about you can call an outlet and see if they can locate you one....
  5. I remember that pattern it was outlet only, and had white patent, and pink, blue and light green. I remember a tote and a duffle for sure.

    I am not sure of the authenticity of these bags, but this is the patchwork I remember:
  6. Is this the one you are talking about? Here's a pic of mine
    I think it's Summer '07 Patchwork book tote.
    Picture 192.jpg
  7. Here's a slightly better pic of mine
  8. Anyway, what I meant to tell you was, I got this one at an outlet this summer....but they have the fall patchwork in the outlet now. I wish I could help you more...
  9. Maybe have her look at the website and make a wish list from the new bags. She will know she's getting a coach but she won't know which one and you don't have to worry if it's real or not. Just an idea. Good luck and happy holiday.
  10. I love that bag and I don't usually like patchwork too much but seem strangely drawn to it ! It is young and cute and funcional. Maybe if you get the serial number, you can call JAX and they can see if they have one for you.