Mom left me 4 Hermes and 1 Channel scarves

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  1. And I want to sell them.

    At least three of them are brand new (two in hermes sleeve boxes), and the other two "may" have been worn, but I don't think so....

    Mom's best friend was French and often gave Mom things like these as gifts.

    Where is the best place for me to sell them? eBay?

    And how do I figure out what to ask for them?

    ANy help you could give me would be wonderful ... they are very beautiful, but I unfortunately need the money more than the scarfs.:cry:
  2. go to ebay and do a search for completed auctions or sales of similar items. good luck!
  3. I looked around and am I correct that some scarf designs are worth more than other designs? How do I know what I have if I can't find a completed auction on eBay for it?
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    there is a scarf ID thread here. you can post pics and someone might be able to help you ID your scarfs. otherwise, there should be a name of the designs on them? i am not sure. like anything on ebay, you might not be able to find the exact scarfs or designs that are the same as yours, but you would be able to find similar categories of scarfs such as hermes 90 cm hermes silk scarfs, etc. there are hermes scarfs on ebay being sold all the time. and prices sold is by demand, demand is by personal preference and aesthetic. there is no real market rate for them (for particular designs), as such (like we have for precious metal for instance). it also depends on conditions. good luck.
  5. Hi and welcome to PF. Just a reminder that buying and selling are not permitted here.
  6. Welcome to TPF. Yes, you are correct that some scarf patterns are easier to sell and will command higher prices than others. Most of the scarves (after a certain point in time)have a name written on them, along with the word Hermes and the signature of the artist. Can you find something like that?

    Unless you have sold Hermes before, you may find that selling on eBay is a hassle and you may not get maximum prices as you are not an established Hermes seller. (There are so many fakes that buyers can be a bit leery of new sellers.)

    If I were in your shoes, I would go to one of the many re-sellers and have them sell the scarves for you. They know what to show in photos, can answer questions and take care of all of the details for you.
  7. Or :
    You do a bit of homework
    You list your scarves on ebay, auction style and let the market do the rest.

    I have seen new sellers with genuine H items, stepping in the reputable sellers crowd very quickly ;)
  8. I just inherited an Hermes scarf and I know nothing about them or their value and hope to gain some insight to perhaps sell it or just cherish it.
    It has the words "VUE DU CARROSSE DE LA GALERE LA REALE" The colors are various shades of gray, plus gold, cream and black. Very classic looking. I am pretty sure it was purchased in the 50's or 60's and it is in almost perfect condition, no stains or pulls, feels like butter:biggrin:. There aren't any tags on it, but says HERMES Paris in the bottom corner. How do I know it's value? The research I have done so far has turned up very few results for this particular scarf and the values I have seen so far have ranged from $99.00 up to $800.00. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I think you will get a better result going to a consignment shop. If you have one that deals with higher end accessories, that would be easier for you. Ebay is ok, but there is so much competition for bidders. There is also a sea of sellers, so unless you are already established, it may be more difficult selling there.

    Have you tried inquiring if any friends would be interested in collecting the items left to you?

    I still think going consignment might be the quickest method for getting what you need sold. Wish you the best :yes:
  10. Just another friendly reminder that buying and selling are not permitted on PF.