"Mom, is that a fake? How about that one?"...

  1. This is so funny I thought I share the story with you all. For a very long time I have always loved purses. My husband understood and agreed to my obsession before we were married LOL. So my boys (10 yrs and 14 yrs old) are constently present whenever I discuss how a purse looks, leathers, styles, designers, etc... Actually my oldest son has a taste for finer things (LV wallet, agenda, belt, ipod holder, messenger bag, 2 H belt). You really dont expect that sort of taste from him when you look at him (very tall athletic plays football and rides motorcycles with his daddy). My youngest doesnt have any designer leather goods yet...but he has a taste for fine clothes and shoes LOL.

    Anyhoo we were at the Mall to shop and get something to eat. As we sat down at the food court my oldest son tells me " Mom is that a fake???" I take a look around and low and behold he spotted a fake Birkin!!! I NEVER seen one! It was plastic looking, NO feet, the handles were WAY too long, and the color was a pepto pink!!! The Hermes stamp was soooo big. PLUS the inside was BLACK material. I was staring so hard she finally turned around. I didnt know I was doing that, I felt so bad. I seriously didnt want to affend her. Well we left the food court and headed toward Neiman Marcus and an older woman was coming out and she had a beautiful Kelly. My son said "Is that a fake? Wait nevermind its real.." even before I could say anything!LOL I had to stop and look at him..."Son, how did you know?" He rolled his eyes and told me "Mom how could we not know this stuff...your always talking about it." I laughed so hard. My poor babies. I had to tell them not to worry about that sort of stuff right now, they have too much stuff on their plates already just growing up. :yes:
  2. OMG simplyprincess how funny!!
    You are training your boys well!!
  3. LOL, at least when they get married they will know how to buy H goodies for their lucky wives....wait, I dont know if I want that to happen!:push: Nooo!!!!! Not my babies! :crybaby:
  4. LOL.....that is a great story.

    My 3 yr old was with me when I tried a 28cm Kelly...and his response was..."mom...too small".....that was a 'moment' that I shall remind him of when he is older....lol
  5. That's a great story, your sons sound delightful.
  6. lol they have been well trained :biggrin:

    BF *somewhat* now knows how to spot Birkins and Kellys too, though from the amount that he has reported to me as having "seen" a Birkin in Charlotte, one would assume that half of Charlotte has a Birkin :p
  7. My daughter and I can spot fake LV's within seconds of seeing it. Makes for a fun game between us and it only requires a "look" between the two of us now. I am sure that once I get a few H pieces of my own, we'll have eagle eyes for those too. But H pieces are endangered species here in Portland! I have seen one, once, in Portland. Ever!

    Wish I would have been thinking on my toes. Yesterday I was waiting to sit down at Cheesecake Factory with my DD and we spotted a birkin shaped bag with fake LV logos on it. SOOOOOOO horrible! Should have memorialized it with a cell phone photo.
  8. Goodness, what a delectable bag collection! How funny that your son is now an expert authenticator. You've obviously trained him well! :amuse:
  9. hehehe.......................so funny!!
  10. that is a GREAT story!! i think we need to recruite him for the "authenticate thead" and give the other ladies a break!!! A true mother's dream...he has the H-eye!
  11. How adorable! He is lucky to have a great mom like you to point him in the right direction!
  12. haha you're training him well!
  13. that is awesome!! what a cutie!!
  14. hehhehehe, that's such a cute story!! i sure hope i do that good of a job with my kids when i have any. BF can now spot and name my favourite handbags ;) and has promised me my very first kelly for my bday in october. i think he hasn't quite gotten the part where you can't just walk in and buy one hehe
  15. Wonderful story!