Mom gives up her life so baby can live...

  1. That story brought tears to my eyes. She was so brave and selfless. Thank you for posting!
  2. Awww, that is so wonderful and selfless. This world needs more people like that mom.
  3. how sad...the mother is very brave to sacrifice her life for her baby.

    however, i'm just thinking, that now she's left her husband with 3children who would not have a mother. if she'd had the termination and went under chemotherapy, would she have survived and be a mother to their 2 other children?

    it must have been a very difficult situation for her and her husband to come to either decision.
  4. though I admire her for being so selfless, I had the same reaction you did about her other children, and this newborn is going to grow up without a mommy:crybaby:.....maybe she believed she could have beat the odds and survived even with the delay in treatment.
  5. Yes! ITA.
  6. ^yes, whatever the decision, it's very heartbreaking to having to choose between lives:crybaby:.

    i think it's natural decision for a mother to always want to protect her babies/children. my thoughts are to her family and i'm sure she'll be watching them from heaven.
  7. What a sad story, although it truely does show the love a mother has for her child.
  8. How incredibly sad!
  9. ITA. It's really sad that she passed away. :crybaby:
  10. What an amazing woman and such a bittersweet story. God rest her soul.
  11. This is so incredibly sad. I cannot help but believe she made the wrong decision. The husband is now left alone to take care of their 3 children, plus their fourth child has now come into the world. How will that fourth child react later in life if he ever learns that his mother put off chemotheraphy whilst he was in her womb? If I was that fourth child, I'd probably feel huge shock, guilt and devastation that perhaps I was responsible for my mother's death, even though you would never know if she could have been saved anyway. It's an incredibly sad story. I pray that the family finds strength to pull through this dreadful time.
  12. God bless this family. My mother died of cancer when I was 12. I was lucky to have a good father who guided me the best way he could.
    Life is not easy for children without a mom. I hope he has family near by that can help out.
  13. It sounds like her cancer was very far along anyhow.

    She gave up her life to give a life to her son. I am sure she spoke this over with her husband and they made this decision to have the baby and he wanted to watch all 4 kids together.

    It breaks my heart, but it is so sweet to hear.
  14. Well said. I agree, although I'm sure I'm in the minority here. It's so hard for me to make this woman into a martyr. I would have more respect for her if she'd at least tried to have the chemo, because she might have lived and she may have been able to be there for the three children she did have. I think she owed it to her family to try and not just give up like that. If that had been MY mother, I would have wanted her to have the chemotherapy. She could always try to conceive again later. And the son she gave up her life for? One day he's going to realize what happened, and probably have many sessions of therapy as a result. And the father/husband? I'm sure he's going to love his son, but I wouldn't be surprised if he harbored horrible resentment for the child. I've known a couple people whose mothers died as a result of their birth, and they had very strained relationships with their fathers, in an "if not for you my wife would still be here" sort of way. It's so unfortunate that this had to happen!