Mom Birthday Gift Suggestions?

  1. Any suggestions for what I should get my mom for her birthday? It's an important birthday this year and I want to get her something really nice.

    She's reasonably well-dressed though not super fashionable. I want to get her something classic and well made. Price limit maybe $2000/$2500 (more if I can find something compelling).

    I was thinking of a Louis Vuitton handbag, something from the Epi or Suhali lines. But I'd rather get her something more "interesting."

    I would be willing to buy her a bunch of things too along a common theme.

    (I'd post this on the Handbags discussion, but I want more ideas besides purses.)

    I know with all of your excellent tastes in handbags and clothes, etc. you will be great help. :biggrin:

    Thank you!
  2. With that price range, may be jewelry?
  3. Thank you for the response. :biggrin:

    What kind of jewelry?

    That's on the low end for diamonds....
  4. Yes, but you could get a nice set of silver from Tiffany.
  5. If not a handbag, a nice day at a spa/resort would be fun too. Plus, you guys could bond while getting pampered.
  6. How about a Burberry's a classic goes with most items and lasts forever!
  7. I say get her something classic. Like a nice strand of pearls, or a Chanel, or maybe nice earring. You know her best, though.
  8. Ohhh a Chanel! Classic and always appreciated!
  9. Thanks for this suggestion. I got her a trench a couple years back.:biggrin:
  10. i think pearls or a watch would be nice

  11. Any particular Chanel?

    I'm actually kind of wondering what people on the purse forum would get their mothers or want to be given from their children for their birthdays.... What would be a "dream" gift (under $2500)?

    Thanks so much! :biggrin:
  12. Any particular watch? I thought about a Cartier tank but my sister wears one....
  13. If I could spend $2500 on my mom I would get her a classic Chanel flap in large and a wallet! It would be her dream bag and my dream to give it to her!

  14. I could suggest a thousand things but, only you know her best, we can only keep suggesting. Has she given hints on anything? Sometimes the simpliest things make mothers very happy, not so much material things. I think you know already, you just need to really think about it.
  15. maybe bertolucci. the serena collection is nices to me