Mom bag:Galliera PM in Azur or Gucci medium Sukey???

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  1. Galliera - sooo pretty and classy!!
  2. Galliera. I had a Gucci Sukey and I sold it.
    The fabric doesn't make the bag last that long (:
  3. Galliera!
  4. Thanks for all replies,ladies.Seem like there is no contest here.I myself prefer the Galliera.I know for Mom bag, mono will be a better choice but I only love the Galliera in Azur.I think I will get the Galliera.Wish me luck ladies!:smile:
  5. Galliera
  6. I debated on the Sukey and felt that I needed to go larger to carry on the shoulder, and I'm petite. I passed on it. I think the Galliera is prettier anyway.