Mom bag:Galliera PM in Azur or Gucci medium Sukey???

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  1. I love both and can't decide which one is better choice.Please help me get the right one.Thanks in advance!
  2. Azur Galliera for sure! The Sukey seems more common nowadays.
  3. Galleria PM. I had a Gucci medium sukey and I sold it. I did not find it too functional.
  4. I recently investigated buying the Sukey but I did not love it so I passed. The Galliera has more organization and the medium Sukey won't fit over everyone's have to have small arms and shoulders.
  5. Azur Galliera, I recently got this bag. It is wonderful!!!
  6. Galliera. The Sukey will eventually go on sale, but the Galliera will not.
  7. Galliera!
  8. galliera
  9. I have both but if you're considering the Sukey, I'd get a large one because it will fit better on your shoulder. I love the Galliera but the lining is microfiber and light-colored so I'd be afraid to use it as a mom-bag. I'd use a tote instead--the BH is nice with the wider straps and the "regular" canvas lining like the Speedy.
    The Sukey has a brown lining which doesn't show the dirt as much though....but I think the canvas of LV will hold up better:biggrin:
  10. Galliera in Azur! :biggrin:
  11. i use the galliera in azur as a mom bag, it's awesome. if you're afraid of getting the lining dirty you can always get one of those bag organization things that you can stick in. it's been a couple months now, and the bag still looks as good as new despite being banged around (quite literally) everyday.

    i can't imagine the gucci sukkey (sp?) being a good mom bag...have only seen it on single friends...whereas anything with LV canvas i feel is a great mom bag. the galliera is also very lightweight, which is great for toting around liquid filled sippy cups and all the other heavy stuff young kids require. and generally i always feel LV canvas bags are the best mom bags b/c they are stylish but so durable, withstanding anything.
  12. medium sukey is too small, go for galliera.
  13. Galliera.
  14. For a mom's bag, how about the galliera mono in pm OR gm? Sukey medium would be hard to put over your shoulder. If you're getting sukey in fabric, I don't think it'll be durable. Galliera all the way!
  15. Go for the Gal