Mom and sis giving me hell for owning LV

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  1. Ok so i just need to vent a little bit. Last month i bought a speedy for myself, i've wanted one for ages and i had been saving my money for one. My bf got me a giftcard for my bday so i knew it was the perfect time to finally take the plunge. I bought it and hid it for a month, i'm 20 and live with my parents and didn't want my mom and sister to see, they're both extremely cheap and would freak if they saw it. I finally had to show it to them when we went to vegas because i really wanted to bring it along, the entire trip i was bombarded with questions regarding the price and them telling me i have some sort of sick shopping problem. I just ignored it but they won't let it go, we came back to the city and my mom even went as far as asking her friends at work about LV and the cost of their bags and my sister went online to see the prices. They couldn't believe the price and won't shut up about it. I'm beyond frustrated because they've almost ruined my love for my bag, instead of feeling great about it, i just feel guilty. They've been talking about it for weeks! My mother says i'm too young to be buying expensive things and won't stop nagging me. They gave me the same s*it when i bought my marc jacobs bag and i'm just getting sick of it, i feel like i can't buy anything nice anymore, i always have to hide it, lie about the price, etc. I am responsible with my money, not in debt, have a substantial amount in savings and i just like to spend my extra money on handbags, i know i'm young but young people are allowed to have nice things too! I just wish they would stop commenting on my purchases, it's just so irritating because i live with them so they'll always find out whenever i have something new. Any advice on how to make them stop hassling me? Anyone else have annoying family that just won't stop putting in their 2 cents? ughhh
  2. well my family is different but i still have to hear people say stuff about me wearing expensive stuff even though i'm quite young myself but i've learnt to ignore it. I believe that you should tell your mother and sister that while you appreciate and love them a lot, you have saved for a long time for this bag so you would appreciate if they let you enjoy it. GL:smile:
  3. Hey girl, I'm 20 too and I was in the same situation but you know what you already bought the bag and it makes YOU happy. My mom used to get on my case about buying too many clothes now she says I need to start shopping for fall because I don't have enough :rolls eyes:. If you like the speedy then you should enjoy it, I'm almost getting one myself and as long as you're doing what you need to do then don't worry just be happy!
  4. Its your mum - so your only defence is to smile and say that "its my money. I saved for it so I could buy it. Now I am going to enjoy my bag".

    And hopefully they will leave you alone after that.

    If not, just keep repeating the above sentence until they shut up!! :biggrin:
  5. Maybe move out so they can't see what you buy! Is that an option for you?
  6. haha i wish!! I go to school in the city and there's noo way i'd be able to afford living on my own
  7. Just try to relax and be proud of what you were able to do. They can't keep you under their thumb forever and don't forget... you are an adult. They need to move on, honey.
  8. As long as your not making payments for it, I say you should enjoy it. I got my first LV bag at 20 too. You shouldn't feel guilty as long as you take care of your other bills first :smile:
  9. If they have been talking about it for weeks maybe you could tell them that they have made their point and you can't return it so please drop it.

    To play the devil's advocate, my daughter is about your age and to tell you the truth I wouldn't be happy if she spent $800 on a bag but if she had saved for it I would let her enjoy it. However, I would gently tell her that by spending that kind of money on a bag she was implicitly telling me that she has enough to spend on her own gas for the car (which I pay for). I think everyone should understand that money goes first to needs, then to wants.
  10. I've been alienated by certain extended family members for owning designer items. I've heard all the snide remarks and gossip that have been directed directly to me so I know how you feel. :sad:

    There's not much you can do but to not bring it out in front of them too much. I feel that they only talk for the sake of having something to talk about, in my situation.. so I just try to avoid situations that give them more ideas.

    Enjoy your LV and don't let it bother you as much as you can. It's your own decision. :smile:
  11. Just ignore it, like others have said there isn't much you can do. It's one of those situations where if you even try to defend yourself it won't make a difference because they've already made up their minds. If they've been talking about it for weeks though it sounds like they are a bit obsessed about it which is kind of weird.
  12. I agree.
  13. I used to hear the same crap from people. One day I just looked at them with their cigarette between their fingers and said " while you spend $10 a day on a pack of cigarettes, $70 dollars a week , $280 dollars a month x12 months in a year, I choose to buy handbags. On the bright side, my hand bag won't give me cancer" I never heard another remark from them.
  14. Omg owned! I love that.
  15. even though i only paid $200 for my Mono NF (because I had gift cards) my dad still made a comment! Some people just don't get it.