molly sims gray bag

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  1. im pretty sure its a nancy gonzalez. anyone know what type it is?

  2. Oh I love it as well!
  3. OMG...I saw her at the Chanel store this past Saturday and that's what she was wearing! My sister and I were practically stalking her trying to figure out what that gorgeous bag was!
  4. omg purseinsanity, thats awesome!

    i'm still searching around for the bag but pretty sure its nancy
  5. ^My sister lives in LA, so I went to visit her for the weekend. At lunch, we sat at a table next to David Charvet (??)...Brooke Burke's fiance, the guy from Baywatch, and less than an hour later, saw Molly at Chanel! It was so weird! That bag is gorgeous. GL in your search!
  6. ^ omg thats crazy! glad u saw the bag in real peson though and saw brooke's hubbie! pretty cool

    & the bag is soooo pretty

    whats GL?
  7. GL means good luck! :P
  8. oh hehehe :idea: LOL!