Molly Handbag...Does it exist?

  1. A woman was admiring my handbag today (large paddington) and she was saying that she owned a handbag called "Molly" and that it was a great style because it wasn't as heavy as my bag.

    I have looked everywhere for it and can't find it. I also called the Chloe boutique in New York and they said they don't make a bag called "Molly"

    Does it exist? Does this woman have a rare bag? or was she "nutty"?:nuts:
  2. It exists ..... check eBay. It's not made any longer, but it was done in two styles I believe a satchel and a tote. Also, search the forum, I think someone had one a while ago.
    If I can find a photo, I will post.
  3. he he, yet another example of Chloe SAs not knowing their own brand lol :biggrin:

    we should so work for them ;) with a very large discount of course ;)
  4. ^^^ :roflmfao: Yes indeed!

    The Molly is a lovely bag but no longer made. Lebagboutique did have a couple available on eBay a month or so ago.....haven't checked for a while though so they may have sold :shrugs:
  5. [​IMG]
    Here is listing that was on eBay recently
  6. OH! It's cute...I'm surprised it wasn't more popular! Thanks for finding it.
  7. Thanks for posting temo!
    I knew a photo was around somewhere!
    Cute, CUTE bag.
    I need to check out Molly!
  8. Oooh wow I love that... I even like that particular color too!
  9. I love that bag, too!! I would love to own one!! It just so happens that my first name is . . . (you guessed it!!?) Molly!!! Hopefully one will turn up one day in Ivory. Be a great summer bag!!! . . . Sigh!
  10. Hi temo/Molly!
    I did some research and it looks like the Molly was available in Black, Chocolate Brown, and Sable.
    Two styles Satchel and Tote.
    I think Ebay is probably the only place to find it now.
  11. B000KHUCME.01-A38ZYJ0YS6N4BO._AA280_SCLZZZZZZZ_V36095653_.jpg
  12. That's a cute bag, I'd love it in either color.
  13. That whiskey color is nice! . . . But why do I have my heart set on a color that doesn't even exist? ( I can just picture a buttery soft leather vanilla/ivory one)
    I can even smell the leather / vanilla combination!!! Only in my dreams, I guess!!!
  14. Ok, I guess my research didn't find everything.
    I'll add orange/brown to the color selection.
    Beautiful in this color too!
    Thanks eucalyptic!
  15. Hey temo - that Molly is back on ebay. Beautiful!
    Someone make an offer!

    Purse Ban is going to kill me yet - it's been 2 days -- LOL!