Molly and Rory the same price - $398?

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  1. I ordered the Fuchsia color block Molly and my SA just called to let me know it had arrived. She was very surprised to realize that it was the same price as the Rory which is much larger.

    That is kind of odd - why would Coach do that?

    Anyway just an observation - I'm picking it up tomorrow and am sure I'll keep it anyway but that is kind of a bummer on the price. :sad:

    I did purchase it with PCE though.
  2. Actually I just checked the website and the color block Rory is $458.
  3. That is one beautiful bag!!!Congrats!

    I guess she got mixed up on the price?
  4. The regular Molly is $348, the colorblock one is more expensive, which is why it's the same price as the regular Rory.
  5. ^^This.

    Although, I was surprised at the cost of the Molly when she came out too. I thought it would have been more in the $328 range. Doesn't matter - I still want her lol.