Mollie in black?

  1. I checked the website for the Mollie bag in black, but it's not there. Does it even exist?
  2. I don' think so yet and I have been checking the website often. You might call one of the US stores and see if they will be available in the future.

    Haven't seen you on here, so welcome!!
  3. I've only posted a few times. I have a chocolate Phoebe and I love it, but I've been posting on the Chanel forum lately. I bought a black Chanel bag, but the hardware scratched after one week. I think that I'm going to sell it and buy another Mulberry instead! :blush:
  4. Yay!!!! What about the Poppy in black???
  5. It does! I went to Mulberry today to check it out and here they have it in black, oak and chocolate. I love the chocolate.... and I don´t have anything in chocolate.....;) But I have a couple of LVs on my list as well, gees- so many bags- so much money- so little time! :hysteric:
  6. Yay! I'm so excited!