1. Is it ok for moles to come on your skin or should you get them checked out. I had one on my belly which started months ago. I thought it as a spot so I started poking at it. And it got a bit sore. So I have left it and now it looks like a risen lump like a mole. and its the colour of my skin. is this ok ?
  2. The best advice you'll get from this forum is ''you need to see a doctor asap''..better safe than sorry! Might be nothing..but you can't second guess things.
  3. true :sad: Thanks
  4. true :sad: Thanks
  5. Yeb, I second that: Go see a doctor asap. It may be nothing, but it is so important to have all your moles checked out and mapped on your skin, especially the ones you can't see (on your back, back of thighs, etc). That way, your doctor can measure and detect any changes over time. I have moles all over, and it makes me feel better to know my doctor is keeping an eye on them too! Good luck and keep us posted :smile: