Mole Removal - On Eyelid!

Sep 17, 2006
I have had a small mole on the bottom rim of my eye for a couple years now. A few months ago I noticed a small white dot in the middle. I consulted a few different dermatologists, and they recommend having it removed to avoid future complications (a close family member has had skin cancer).

The dermatologist said that he can scrape it off and just let it heal, or I can have my ophthalmologist (who also does eye-related plastic surgery) cut it out and put in some small stitches.

I am waiting to see the ophthalmologist to see what he recommends, but I am really terrified of scarring. It is right on the rim of the eyelid, and I am afraid that the removal might cause disfigurement. I completely understand that it is necessary, and I would much rather have it done soon than risk it becoming a big problem down the road.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences to share?


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Nov 2, 2006
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I had one below my eye removed. I personally would recommend having your ophthalmologist/surgeon remove it and put in small stitches. I have had moles removed and just left to heal on other areas, but the scar is bigger and takes a long time to fade (on me anyways).

The mole under my eye that was removed with stitches used healed up very fast and the scar is just a teeny little line that you cant see unless you are right up close. Stitches aren't the most comfortable thing, but the healing time and minimal scaring is very worth it!


Jan 23, 2008
I have one on my waterline! I've had it for years, and since it doesn't affect my vision, I just decided to let it stay. My derm thinks it's fine.


Oct 21, 2007
I'll come out of lurkdom because I have had a bunch of moles removed, including one right by my top lash line....

When the doctor says 'scraped off', he probably means cauterized. This will completely seal the wound, so it doesn't end up scarring the way a normal cut would. This is what I had done. Other than losing a couple eyelashes, you absolutely cannot tell it was done. The only possible concern is that this procedure can remove the pigment in that area. For the first few months I could see a little while dot (no one else could), but it blended quickly. If you have darker skin, you should ask your doctor about it.

I've also had several moles removed that needed stiches. I've only had a couple of these scar, but they were larger moles on my back. If your doctor really means 'scraped off' and not cauterized, then I completely agree with the poster above that a tiny stich or two is good option.

Bottom line, a couple weeks after it's done, you won't even know anything happened. :smile:
Sep 17, 2006
Thank you so much for your responses, Corrinne, JSH812 and LadyPresident. Hearing your stories certainly helped me feel better!

My ophthalmologist really isn't concerned about the mole. He says it's a tiny thing, and since I am a strict sunglasses-and-hat wearer he doesn't see why it is necessary to remove it. He could tell I was concerned, so he is recommending another oculoplastic surgeon for a second opinion. If I do opt for removal, he can take it out from behind the eyelid, which will leave a small "dip" in the rim that will be hidden by my eyelashes.

Thanks so much again! :hugs:
I agree with a surgeon as opposed to the 'slice and dice' method that takes off the top. I had the "slice and dice" and it left me with a keyloid (sp?) scar on my back, which doesn't bother me since I don't see it but might have been more irritating to me had it been somewhere a bit more visible. Stitches might seem over the top, but I think you'll heal better that way, and there is plenty of materials on the market that assist with scar fading or lightening.
Sep 17, 2006
since someone said tiny, is it a mole or a skin tag?
It's definitely a mole.

I am waiting to visit another plastic surgeon before I make the decision. I would rather have it taken off if it could be a problem in the future, but it seems like my ophthalmologist thinks the dermatologists are just wary because of its location.

Thanks again everyone!