Mole Addicts......

when I wwas in college I wanted a pinup girl mole in the worst way. So I decided to get a tattoo of one right under my eye. I thought I was just TOO HOT!!!

after about 3 years it turned a greenish gray and once my doctor thought I had melanoma (skin cancer) which is when I decided to have it lasered off. LOL what a nerd I am.
I have one on my face right below my left eye. I like where it is. I always forget it's there but other people notice it for some reason. I guess people just like moles?!
I do have one on my left cheek close to where Mandy Moore has hers.. and I have been contemplating whether to take it out or not...:huh: but this post is making me think otherwise...
brit_S86 said:
I once checked about getting mine taken off,they said they could do it,but would not gaurentee I wouldnt have a scar on my face

don't do it! As long as it's not one of those huge hairy monstrosities (not that I've ever seen one, I'm not even sure they exist) you should keep it. I think a mole lends a bit of personality to your face :Push: