MOKONI!!! guess what I ordered ??!!!

  1. I ordered the new khaki/white Legacy pouch from the new Spring catalog today!!! It is so darn cute! I was worried about the size but the SA and I did some measuring and it will be bigger than the small Bleecker flap by an inch or two in all directions. It also has the pockets/zipper on the front for more storage. I think I might be able to make it work! I wanted a nice smaller summer bag with a zip top and I'm a Legacy snob so this one might be it! The Legacy swingpacks were roomier than other swingpacks because of the pocket on the front so I'm hoping this is the same case. WOO HOO!!!! I even got the PCE discount!!! It was $160 something with tax!!!!! What a bargain for a new Legacy bag!! :yes::tup: I'll post pics when I get her for those of you who would like to see it. It should be here between Thursday and Monday because of the holiday. :sweatdrop:
  2. here's a pic .....khaki/white bag on the left. What do you guys think? Did anyone see this and like it besides Mokoni and I?
  3. I Love it too!! Great choice you have to give us some modeling pix when you get it! :yahoo:
  4. That caught my eye in the catalog too, very cute! Can't wait to see your pics - congrats & enjoy :tup:
  5. Ooh I looked at that one in the catalog too - its really nice. I dont think I can do any sort of a pouch (just too small) but if I could, I would be looking at that bag!
  6. thanks guys! I'm glad others thought it was cute. Gotta get some approval from my fellow TPFers! :wonderingI will definitely post pics when I have it. I hope its not too small.
  7. I heart that bag
  8. Yes, I noticed it too but worried it'd be too small. I can hardly wait to see pics of it when it arrives! I like the khaki/white combo for summer too!
  9. it reminds me of a mini gigi
  10. :woohoo: Yay!!!!!

    I am so excited for you and I am just thrilled that you were able to get it with the PCE discount!! I cannot wait to see this bag IRL - I have a feeling that I will like it even better than I already do. And, for me, I think the size will be just about perfect! I always loved the '06 Legacy Shoulder Bag but it was too big for my frame size (and needs). How awesome will it be if they make it in more colors and in leather, too?!?

    Now, the hard part is going to be waiting for a week to get it! The order and wait game just about kills me every time I do it.

    I am really excited for you and I can wait to see pics once you get it. I have a feeling that I'll be kicking myself for not ordering one while I could still get the PCE discount.
  11. I want this too! I plan on getting it in white. I can't wait to see yours!
  12. yippee! I'm glad there's more of you who like this bag too. :graucho: I think it will be quite roomy for a pouch. The SA did some measuring and like I said, its bigger than the Bleecker small flap. I love the handy little pockets and zipper on the outside! I'll post pics AS SOON as its here. I promise!
  13. thanks mokoni! :smile: I was having my doubts while at the store today but the SA made me feel better about the size after we did some measuring. Its bigger than the Bleecker small flap and she pointed out the extended pockets on the front. She was good! :yes: I was especially excited to get the PCE discount on it! I hesitated but then just asked and they were very nice and gave it to me. woo hoo!
  14. I like the style of the bag. I'd have to have a different color (not a big fan of light trim on the khaki) but I can't wait to see what this'll look like IRL!
  15. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!