moka quilted bay

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  1. can anyone tell me why the leather on my moka quilted bay feels totally different than camel quilted bay? camel one feels so thin and super soft but moka one feels think and almost cheap feeling? thanks.:confused1:
  2. You might want to post the bag on the "Authenticate This Chloe" thread to be sure if the leather feels drastically different.

    But some years, the Chloe leather does change slightly from bag to bag, and of course all leather has natural variations in it.

    For example, 2005 leather in the paddingtons is much softer and more supple than the 2007 leathers. It can just depend on the year your bag is from, or even the leather batch!:shrugs:
  3. thanks, mica! can you please check the "authenticate this" thread. i've posted the e-bay link and the picture and waiting for someone to authenticate it all day long but no one did. :sad::sad:
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    I'd love to help, but since I've ended up with fakes in the past, I wouldn't feel comfortable authenticating any bags for anyone, sorry.

    ETA: I don't even authenticate my own bags, I always check them on that thread or buy from people I trust.

    There are a few lovely ladies who help out and authenticate when they can - due to time differences there isn't someone there 24/7, but I'm sure someone will be along soon :yes::heart:
  5. Thank you, Mica! I totally understand. I bought this from a reputable seller on e-bay...I guess I am concerned that the leather seems a little different.... Thank you for your help!:heart:
  6. i had a moka bay and a ecru both had the same beautiful leather!
  7. Closing this Thread - you have another where you are asking specifically on the leather of the Moka -
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.