Moka quilted bay bag

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  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone own moka quilted bay bag? I just bought one but I've noticed the leather seems very different than my other camel quilted bay i used to have. camel one seemed very soft but this moka one feels kind of dry and rough feeling. I need some opinions please!:shrugs:
  2. I don't own a mocha but have the quilted bay in black and the leather is not dry or rough, very glossy and smooth to touch...
  3. my moka is not dry or rough. can you post pics?
  4. just looked at the pics and the leather looks soft. maybe search the forum for a conditioner you can apply to the bag?
  5. I own a moka quilted Bay, and most of the leather is soft, but on one side it feels a bit rough, so I suppose it's all about the skin being used on different bags or parts of bags... if it is rough allover the bag and it bothers you, that's bad, though. I tend to fondle my moka bay on the soft side, so I don't mind...[​IMG]