Mojo Loves Loubies!! Official Collection & Reveals Thread!

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  1. Hello everyone! I've been meaning to do a collection thread forever, so here we are!

    To begin, a back story: for the last several years, I've admired Christian Louboutin's gorgeous shoe designs, but it wasn't until about 9 months ago that I began to build my collection, starting with the kid leather Daffodile pump! Since then, it's been a game of eBay Roulette to see if I can score all of the "oldies but goodies" that I missed the first time around, but I'm pleased to say that I have almost all of the old styles I'm looking for, save for my UHG signature wishlist!

    Additionally, I haven't done a strict count but I think I've done a lot of damage for 9 months of collecting...and I'm looking forward to doing more :graucho:. Red soles are SO ADDICTIVE!!

    To begin:

    Pair #1-Black Kid Leather Daffodile Pump 160

    I've always loved the silhouette of the Daffodile: it is sexy yet wearable due to the platform, and very iconic to Christian Louboutin. Many others have tried to recreate the shape but none compare to the original!

    For reference: I take a 37.5 in this Kid Daffodile, without padding, and initially they were tight but they have broken in to fit like a dream. I am generally a 7.5 or 8 US depending on the brand.


    Pair #2-Aeronotoc Calf Hair & Lace Peep Toe Booties 160

    It was on the tail end of last year's sale season when I originally saw these. I think I saw them on Sofia Viagara, but didn't "have to have them" until I saw a Loubinista modeling them on YouTube. OMG! TOTAL OBSESSION. I think these are incredibly, incredibly hot shoes. I had to have them, but they were all sold out and I didn't even know about SAs on Instagram and whatnot then...I found these on eBay, luckily, and think I still got a pretty decent deal.

    I take a 38.5 in these. They are a little on the loose side, so I use a pad in the back, which does work pretty well even in spite of the zipper closure. I could have done a 38 but they aren't so big that I need to sell them and get a new pair!


    Pair #3-Lipsinka 120 In Python Roccia

    These were another eBay find-I really do love them, my two favorite heel heights are 160 and 120 (with 150 coming in a very, very close third) and I hope to add more 120s to my collection! This was my first pair of exotic CL!

    They are a size 38. I could have gone down to a 37 or 37.5 but this was the only size available, and they were all sold out/completely unavailable when I became Loubi-Obsessed, so I am happy for now with padding the 38...Honestly, these feel like they run significantly smaller than the Pigalle 120 (I can't even pad a 37.5 Pigalle 120 with any success, so these do run tighter if anyone is curious).


    Pair #4-Daf Booty In Imperial Rouge Watersnake 160

    Yay! A Sale Season find!! This past 13/14 FW sale season was my first, and definitely not my last. Love the thrill of the hunt! I snagged these at Neiman Marcus, second cut, and was so excited. I have been watching them since the summer time...At first, I wasn't crazy about the stripes through the skin, but it's definitely growing on me, and I really needed a pair of red boots.

    I take a 38.5 in these, which is my usual Daf Booty size. Daf Booty seems to run significantly smaller/tighter than the pumps, in my experience.


    Pair #5 Daf Booty Leopard 160

    For the longest time this was an UHG of mine! I never thought I'd fine them but lo and behold, they popped up on eBay one day! I truly do adore them but they are heavier than the new Daf Booty styles and a bit "chunkier" looking.

    These are a 39 which is a half size up from my usual Daf Booty size. They were a little loose but nothing an insole and a pair of nice warm socks can't fix!

    I was playing around today, so these will have a mod shot!


    More to come, more to come...It's a cold snowy winter here, so none of these are getting any outdoors wear yet, but when snowed in, playing with my red soled girls is always fun! I'll be posting outfits and new reveals here, too!
  2. All of these are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  3. Stunning :smile:
  4. Gorgeous! Looking forward to more :woohoo:
  5. Thanks ladies!! I'll be updating tonight with more of my girls!! :cool:
  6. Absolutely stunning:smile:) congrats
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    you're a daff girl! you have beautiful and unique pairs. congrats!
  8. Love all of them. Amazing collection.
  9. Beautiful!
  10. Thanks ladies!! I know I promised an update, and I apologize for not having been able to add any more-things got crazy what with all this insane weather!! I'll hopefully be able to add more additions in tomorrow :smile:
  11. Great collection!!
  12. Fabulous Collection!
  13. Awesome collection, can't wait for the update!!