Mojo bag in crunchlux - reveal!

  1. I love finding older Tanos, and had to search around before I could find the name, which is a Mojo bag in crunchlux. It's a 2005 bag but is new/with tags and is in fantastic condition. The main part is crunch leather, with detailing in a metallic leather. It's on the smaller side, probably 15 1/2 by 10 and has a nice strap drop with lovely detailing. The two front pockets have a kind of a turnkey lock and are detailed in the metallic. Nice find for me! Here's a few pics. The pictures on eBay showed a much darker bag, but I'm very happy it turned out to be more similar to a truffle color.

    mojo1.JPG mojo2.JPG mojo3.JPG mojo4.JPG mojo5.JPG
  2. Wonderful find Joan!

    I bet that is from the same year as the VooDoo bag. I know when I was in TX and visited with Nickie (aka Voodoo) the first time, she brought her VooDoo bag along, and it was a gorgeous brown with the metallic trim...simply stunning...

    Congrats and wear it well!
  3. What a great looking bag! Congratulations, enjoy it!
  4. that is one beautiful bag!
  5. Love it, Joan! So cool!
  6. Thanks guys, it's really neat :biggrin: I've been lucky to get some great deals on eBay, older bags that are in such great condition... Depeche, Vixen Van Go Go, Crackberry, Frisco Treat, No Arguments Here. Ones I've bought "in season" and kept are my Second Skin, Razor Sharp, Inspired Aesthetic, All In Favor, and Immeasurable. I think that's my collection, down to 10! Will have to do a family photo soon.

  7. Great bag! Love the metallic trim on it.