Moisturizing Your Balenciaga

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  1. i just bought the leather conditioner and wondered if any of you use it on the handles of your bbag? or everything other than the handles? thanks! :flowers:
  2. I first bought it when I needed to get a small spot off of my taupe city and it worked well but I have never used it on the handles. Hope that helps.
  3. I have put the conditioner on the handles and it has made my handles a bit darker. Also I have heard that if your handles are already darkened/dirty that putting the conditioner on will make it even worse. My friend recommends spraying the handles with the apple guard stain/water repellant to protect the handles from getting darker.
  4. ^^^Actually, putting apple leather condition will clean the dirt off the handles :smile: it smooths stains out
  5. WOH - I don't know why that happened:blink:

  6. No, actually it doesn't help the handles that much. Maybe only the leather portion but it worsens the lacing part of the handles. I agree with Chloesmygirl. For the body, yes. Handles: tread with care. ~jmo~ :smile:
  7. I would never use the conditioner on the handles unless I was using a Qtip and being extremely careful not to get it on the rope portion. I would think that getting it on the rope would make it prone to getting darker quicker.
  8. haha ooook so i should be getting my apple guard today finally. do i just go nuts and spray like hell? or do i avoid certain areas on my first? i dont want to ruin it! haha thanks girls! :kiss:
  9. I suggest standing approximately 8-10 inches away and spray in a sweeping, back and forth motion - evenly - a light hand if you will. Allow to dry overnight (24 hours) and if you'd like, repeat the steps and spray again.

    *Remember less is more. :smile:
  10. thanks layla!
  11. You're welcome. :flowers:
  12. i recommend spraying 3 coats, especially on the handles (letting it dry inbetween coats). it prevents the handles from darkening.
  13. ^ I agree with esile, if you spray generously and in a sweeping motion multiple times - your bag will look brand new forever! :smile:
  14. Yes, I do 2-3 coats as well.

    *To clarify less is more in amount of spray
    (a light spray) vs the frequency (amount of times sprayed).
  15. I'm just curious--What is the rationale for the number of coats? Has someone done two coats and found that the handles still darken? Once the leather is in a seal, why wouldn't that be enough?