Moisturizing to "Correct" Dry Leather or "Remove" Veins

  1. Happy Holidays everyone!

    I had a few heart-stopping moments yesterday and thought I should share them with you.
    As some of you know, I got an 05 caramel twiggy last month. It has always been a big color on my wishlist and I felt really lucky to have found it. There were some areas of the bag that were pretty dry though and it was faded in some spots. I've treated it a few times with Apple Care lotion, particularly on the top panels surrounding the main zipper, but wasn't happy with the effect at all. Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and try Lubriderm:wtf: I know there's been talk of using lubriderm on b-bags in this forum, but I am not one to apply things on my bags just because.
    Anyway, I must say the results are a very pleasant shock:sweatdrop: HOWEVER I am not recommending that you try this on your own B-bags as the procedure isn't risk-free and it would be sad to lose a B-bag to an experiment.

    Ufortunately, I don't have good "before" pictures because I didn't want to document my stupidity and have something to cry over later on... I do have the original pics I took though, and some "after" shots.

    Step 1: Bought some Lubriderm. Hard to find here - I could only get Lubriderm Skin Nourishing Lotion with Shea and Cocoa Butters, so that's what I used.

    Step 2: I applied Lubriderm on my hands, warmed/spread it out, then massaged it into my B-bag (while holding my breath and cursing myself at the same time). I did this ALL OVER

    Step 3: Registered SHOCK as my bag turned DARK AND DULL everywhere. Took a deep breath and decided to even out the color with more Lubriderm (what can I say? I'm nuts)

    Step 4: Waited and prayed. I put the bag away to dry (Where I would't see it - I was experiencing some real regret at this point)

    Step 5: Checked on the bag after a couple of hours and VOILA! The color had evened out nicely!

    Step 6: Took the bag outside and sprayed Apple Gard ALL OVER. Left the bag to dry overnight.

    Step 7: :wlae: :yahoo::woohoo: when I realized that my bag now has the perfect Caramel color all over, and is a lot smooshier than when I first got her!! The AG seemed to have restored the shine as well.

    Step 8: Breathe a sigh of relief and promise to NEVER EVER try this again!!!
  2. 1) Before
    2) After
    DSC01275.jpg DSC01520.jpg
  3. first 2 are Before pics, next 2 are After.
    The color didn't really change - it just evened out nicely so that all the pale areas are now gone. The distressing still shows through but the leather now feels thicker and softer.
    DSC01278.jpg DSC01279.jpg DSC01523.jpg DSC01522.jpg
  4. More AFTER Pics:smile:
    DSC01521.jpg DSC01522.jpg DSC01524.jpg DSC01525.jpg
  5. Beautiful! What a scary experience! Great thread, thanks for posting the info
  6. Boy, there are some brave women on this forum!! Glad that it worked out for you! :smile:
  7. OOohh you're brave! It's great that the lubriderm didn't take away the shine!
  8. You have no idea how crazy I felt doing this. And to my HG bag! Well, now I am really happy so I can say the fear was totally worth it!

    And I have softer hands to boot:smile:
  9. You definitely have guts! I probably would have panicked half way through and would have decided a half and half bag is okay. Your bag is 100% gorgeous! :love:
  10. Great job! Thanks for sharing your experiment! I use lubriderm with good results but my bags are darker. Your bags are positively yummy!
  11. Oh great job! You're a brave one too! :woohoo:I have a bottle of lubriderm that I purchased specifically for bbags sitting on my shelf, but haven't used it yet. I find these before and after threads so helpful- thanks for sharing.
  12. ^^ For the most part I leave my bags untreated but this was one I just had to try it on. And I really am just sharing this for those who want the infformation. It comes with a huge DISCLAIMER:nogood:


    I would be a little too terrified to slather body lotion an already perfect B-bag
  13. What a great result! I admire your bravery! Now the twiggy is such a beauty!
  14. Phew, am glad it turned out well!
  15. What was it about the apple care lotion that you didn't like? And, did you clean it before jumping into the lubriderm experiment? I've got a bag in need of tlc and am trying to decide what I want to do. Thanks -