Moisturizing LV handles?

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  1. I got the Speedy 25 (monogram canvas) that I won from eBay in the mail today, and the bag is in great condition, except for the handles. The only thing wrong with them is that they seem incredibly dry. Is there anything I can use to "moisturize" them, or buff them up a bit. The overall bag is in excellent condition, clean interior and exterior, and lovely patina. Thanks!
  2. I probably should have posted this in the LV thread....sorry.
  3. The only thing i can think of would be leather conditioner. I use this one leather conditioner called Lexol (car leather conditioner on my coach purses) But before i would use it on any Louie, i would consult an LV SA just to make sure.
  4. Check with LV first. I know that with Coach's vachetta leather they recommend that you DO NOT use the moisturizer or cleaner...
  5. I am not sure if it relates to this topic, but I used the body oil on the clochette (sp?) that came with my MC speedy to make the color turn darker fast (I haven't attached it to the bag when I first got it and wanted to make the color look the same after I used the bag a few times). The oil didn't do the trick of turning the color dark faster but it also didn't harm the leather in any way.
    Your best bet is to check with LV rep @ 1 866 VUITTON and they will probably be able to tell you what you can do.
  6. I have heard Apple guard works...I think you can get it at Burlington Coat Factory..Or Shining Monkey. I read about these on other boards...But I would call LV first just to be sure!
  7. Thanks for the advice! I am going to LV tomorrow to ask....keep all of you posted once I find out the answer.
  8. Apple Garde is recommended by Carol of mypoupette.
  9. So, I got back from my excursion to LV. They actually don't recommend anything to "hydrate" the handles. Not surprisingly, they recommend that the handles be replaced. I don't think they need to be replaced at all (it's dry, but the handles are in excellent condition, no loose stitching), so I'm just not going to worry about it for now.