moisturizing leather bags (input please)

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  1. question about moisturizing leather bags:
    how often do you moisturize your leather bags? wondering because i tend to do it alot..:s um usually when i find a scratch mark or something....but it is bad to do it too often? the woman at the store said like once a month, but how often do you all do it?
  2. I make a production of it twice a year (winter/summer) to ensure that all my leather goods get treated even if I'm not currently using them. The bags in current rotation may get some extra TLC (every 8 weeks or so) because I find that the scratches are less noticable and I can clean them easier, too, if necessary.
  3. I've done it once this year so far. Since many of my bags are getting constant use I don't feel the need to do it too often. If you are constantly using a bag maybe every other month or when you see a scratch.
  4. then i guess im doing it way too much? i mean it won't hurt to do it alot will it?
  5. I have heard of so many different stories on moisturizing, half good and half bad, that Im a little too nervous to try. Im afraid of the bag changing colors.
  6. Oh, and does anyone know why you are not supposed to moistuize the legacy leather? I bought the whisky hippie at the outlet on TH and it has quite a few handling marks. I tried rubbing them with my fingers but my hands are always dry to begin with so it had little effect. So I did use a little Coach leather moisturizer on it; how could it hurt it? :shrugs:
  7. don't moisturize legacy leather, vachetta, or pebbled leather (I know there are others, but these are the main ones)
  8. I know this is what the care card and associates say, I'm just wondering about the why? (I was a pain in the a## back in school.... wait, I still am!:nuts: ) I wouldn't do it on the light vachetta b/c I'd be afraid it would darken it, but why not on the vintage vachetta and the others? just curious
  9. Because it is an untreated leather and not sealed basically so anything you put on it is absorbed by the leather and will change the color. I wouldn't do it !
  10. The Coach SA actually moisturized my Whiskey Shoulder Bag before I purchased it to see if it would help with the scratches. Totally helped, have had it for over a month, and it still looks great. I'm not planning to repeat the moisturizing on it since they recommend not to, but I can't think one time will hurt it too much. Anyone know WHY you can't moisturize Legacy?
  11. So the Legacy leather is untreated? Well, I guess that's why is seemed to just make the color of my whiskey bag "richer", I love it! LOL
  12. I know that pertains to the vachetta, the legacy is probably the same, naturally tanned ?
  13. Good to know - Thanks! Now I'll go ahead and moisturize the rest of it, I started with the area concealed under the flap. I'm also trying to "work out" the scratches.
  14. richer IS good:yes: maybe I'll do before and after photos - if there's a noticeable difference I'll post 'em.