Moisturizer for Dehydrated skin??

  1. Apparently this is different than DRY skin. My skin doesn't get flaky or anything but needs some moisture in it.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks =)
  2. I love Jason's Vitamin E Cream. They sell it at health food stores for about 8 dollars. I use this as my night cream and my day time eye cream.

    For eyes, I love this eye cream from Kiehl's. I can't remember the name but it comes in a little black jar. It is VERY rich, though, so I only use it at night.

    I have SUPER dry skin, too.

    BTW--I know Bobbi Brown makes some EXCELLENT products for VERY dry skin...check it out :smile: Oh and I LOVE the pic on your avatar--so chic!
  3. La Mer!
  4. I use the Arbonne line...a friend got me into it and I love it!

    Also, make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough fats in your diet...moisturizing on the inside too ;).
  5. You probably should try something like clinique moisture surge extra. It is made for dehydrated skin. It sounds like you don't need the extra oil just a moisture boost. Good Luck, hope you find something that works!
  6. I recommend the moisture surge extra as well. And check out the spray in the range as well, great for travelling when the skin starts to feel really tight because of dry airplane-air!
  7. I know - I am horrible at this - I must remember this!!!
  8. I love clinique and just got a little trial of this - so I'll see how it works :smile:
  9. Jojoba Oil is really good for moisutrizing skin and it's super cheap.
  10. For body, Dream Cream from Lush.
  11. vit e oil works great as well. It's kind of heavy but I wake up in the morning with moisturized skin.