Moisturizer and Primer?

  1. I've only recently discovered primer.. and since I have dry skin, I always have to rely on putting moisturizer on before applying foundation; but I understand makeup lasts longer and applies smoother on top of primer. Can someone please advise if moisturizer and primer can be worn together? (If I put the moisturizer on under the primer, will the moisturizer ruin the effect of the primer?) Thanks!
  2. I always, without fail, wear moisturizer, and I put on primer before foundation :smile:. I apply primer over moisturizer without any problems! I just let my moisturizer "set" a bit first.
  3. always wear moisturizer, and primer after moisturizer
  4. Just remember to let the moisturizer totally sink in before putting on the primer. You can use a tissue to LIGHTLY blot before applying the primer as there would be about 10% - 20% of moisturizer that doens't sink in.
  5. I put my moisturizer on and wait a few minutes, and then apply the primer. Since you have dry skin, look for a primer that is non-irritating and for your skin type. It helps so much with foundation going on smoother!
  6. Heres where I made my mistake.
    I didnt wait long enough - and i didnt lightly blot.
    The result? My moisturiser mixed with my primer and instead of settling, it spread!
    So when i applied my foundation over the top, it was very waxy, refused to settle and had 'swirl' marks from where I had tried to blend it.
    Bad idea!

    But I also recommend using less of each because primers have moisturising agents in them anyway.
  7. That's exactly what I was afraid of, and I was too lazy to try... so I had to ask first :p

    I didn't think it would matter if I let the moisturizer set since i figured the moisturizing agents would still somehow mess up the effect of the primer. Anyway, I put on my Neutogena Anti-wrinkle face moisturizer this morning and waited 10mins to put on Smashbox primer. I then waited another 2mins and applied Bare Minerals. I skipped the setting powder since it looked so smooth already. I think the results came out much better than my usual routine of moisturizer + foundation + powder.

    Thank you everyone!!
  8. I've been using BE's prime time for about a month and I love it! First I use the skin rever upper then the prime time then the foundation and it always holds my makeup in place until evening time!
  9. Lancome's SPF30 Make up base DNA protect is great. So is Chanel's..
  10. YES! i always use moisturizer BEFORE my primer..and leave it on for 2 mins or so so it's not so wet....and a GREAT primer is the ARMANI MASTER PRIMER if you're looking for one =)
  11. Moisturizer- Hempz Yuzu and star fruit daily herbal moisturizer
    Primer-benefit cosmetics the porefessional face primer
  12. Moisturize and let it sit for a bit so your skin soaks it in and then prime. Let the primer sit for a bit and then follow your normal makeup routine but you should always wear moisturizer. I usually let my primer and moisturizer sit for 60 seconds or so.
  13. Agree. One thing I noticed is I was putting on too much moisturizer as I have very dry skin. It my foundation and primer disappear after a couple of hours. Now I use a thin layer of moisturizer, primer and then foundation and it works great.

    Smash box and Hourglass both make great primers and are Cruelty-Free.