Moisterizers in Fridge?


-for YSL!
May 23, 2006
Should some moisterizers be kept cold?

My friend and I bought some Dior makeup and we got 0.17 oz samples of "Capture Sculpt 10-lifting firming creme" in its own, cute plastic lid container. I opened one of my samples and it was a white cream.

This was a couple of months ago and because I have lots of samples, I forgot about them. Recently, when I opened the small containers, I noticed the cream was gone, and all that was left was this small amount of a dark yellow substance at the very bottom of the container. I touched it and it was very, very oily.

I work with lab chemicals and know that some oxidize or degrade quite rapidly if not kept under proper conditions...but the company provides the storage info or my boss.

So with all the natural products being added to creams, does this make them more unstable? I am looking into buying pricey moisterizers, but now I'm scared!

I have a late start in wearing makeup and taking care of my skin, and any input, secrets or suggestions will be highly appreciated! :yes: