1. So reading on other threads I've learned of Moissanite. What exactly is it?? It's not a CZ or stimulated diamond?? People have said on other threads its a great alternative to diamonds because they have great fire and sparkle. Is this true?? When comparing it to a diamond, do they look a like?? TIA for all your responses!
  2. Hopefully some of the jewelry experts will weigh in, but I do have some Moissanite rings. I really like them, they have a lot of fire and my DH is relieved he doesn't have to buy me another real diamond ring just yet. The only thing I have noticed, is, next to my diamonds and CZ, it seems to have a very slight slight yellow tinge (not at all apparent if not right next to these)
  3. ^^ive heard that moissanite are really hard to make colorless. do they actually look like diamonds??
  4. where do you buy these from??
  5. I do think they look like diamonds. Very fiery and sparkly. I bought mine from Schubach Jewelers (I don't have the website handky, just Google it), they sell online and also have a brick and mortar store (in Arizona? can't recall) They are a regular jewelers, sell real diamonds, too.
  6. Kohl's, JC Penney, and Macy's all have them now. You can look at them there. I love mine! has pretty good prices.
  7. ....all of the ones ive seen have had a almost brownish tint or a yellowish tint...i havnt herd to many good things about moissanite yet...

    maybe i havnt seen very good ones yet...
  8. I haven't seen one in real life but they interest me also. My boyfriend was looking into it for my engagement ring after we learned the disgusting truth behind diamonds.
  9. Hello!! yes moissanite is a diamond simulant,meaning it only bears a resemblance to diamond. They are a little tinted,but not massively so. They have a very good hardness and wearability and loads of fire and sparkle!
    I have seen them quite a lot on QVC here in the UK,but other than that I would'nt know. I think the US ladies wil be more able to help you out on that one!
  10. i have moissanite earrings. i bought them from bellajewelry company

    they sparkle so much, i get compliments on them all the time.

    i have 2ct diamond studs, but i put them in safety deposit (i almost lost one...and freaked out)

    i wear moissanite earrings of 1 carat each ear...everyone thinks they are diamonds.

    make sure you ask the seller to find the whitest available...they can vary, the people at Bella were very very helpful in finding the whitest.
  11. I have a pair of three prong martini set studs and I love them! I get compliments on them all the time and they are very sparkly...I got mine at JC Penney!