1. i know many of you ladies enjoy bling as much as you enjoy handbags. :smile: does anyone have any experience with moissonite? i really want a pair of diamond-esque studs and maybe a new ring. the sizes in my price range for moissonite are more appealing than their diamond counterparts....not to mention the lack of ethical issues surrounding moissanite.
  2. I own a 3/4 carat moissanite solitaire in 14k yellow gold. I don't think it's as like a diamond as the creators claim. There is a milky quality to the stone and it also has a slight yellow/green tint to it. It's definitely much, much cheaper than a real diamond.
  3. I have moissanite studs that I wear when traveling and they are really nice. They look like diamonds. There is a really good seller of moissanite on eBay. Let me see if I can find them.
  4. I am not a fan of them....but if you like the bling then all to you to getting them
  5. Moissanite varies in color, some of it can have a greenish cast.
    It has double refraction, so it sparkles differently than a diamond.
    Good moissanite is lovely, I have several pieces that I adore.
    This company is great, good prices, excellent quality. They handpick their moissy, and I have been very pleased with their stuff.
  6. thanks y'all for all the info! have to check out the sellers you reccomended. haven't been too impressed with 90% of the stuff i've seen at b&m stores, but that other 10% makes me want some. :smile:
  7. You should try Diamonique from QVC if you want diamonesque studs. My mother has a few pairs and they look really good. They don't turn milky like a lot of other CZ's and they are cheap!
  8. I second Diamonique, I had a pair of studs in Diamonique and they looked really nice (I eventually lost one or I'd be wearing them still today!). Though I am of the opinion that if you're going to go fake diamond, especially with little stud earrings, you may as well buy the cheapest passable fakes you can find. I pick up a new pair of CZ studs from The Limited every six months for about $12 and they serve me well. Good luck with your search!
  9. Moissanites can be attractive in their own right, but they really don't look that much like diamonds. This is because:

    1. It is impossible to create a colourless (white) moissanite due to their fluorescence which makes them appear greenish and/or greyish, particularly in natural light. Anyone who claims to be selling a colourless moissanite, is trying to mislead you (be careful, they may be using a tinted light to make the stone look whiter).

    2. Moissanites are doubly-refractive, which makes you feel as though you are suffering from double vision, when you look at them! :blink:

    3. Moissanites display far more fire ('coloured sparkle') than diamonds. This can be viewed as beautiful, or a little garish, depending on your taste!

    Hope this helps! :biggrin: