Moissanite stud earrings at Kohl's for $149.99 down from $1175

  1. Sold out :sad:
  2. That is a really good deal. I have been trying to find nice stud earrings for a while. Too bad it is gone =(
  3. That's a HUGE discount.
  4. Wow, that was fast- Still there when I checked. Was anyone able to get in on it?
  5. I think that 1175 price had to have been a mistake. 1.2 carats total wt? Moissanite it not that expensive!!!
  6. Moissanite averages about $1000 a carat. If you go to Charles & Covad's official site they will tell you who they authroize as retailers and the authorized retailers sell it for about $1000 a carat. Kohl's is on there. I wouldn't trust others because of course there are fake fakes... LOL. Sad, but true. My Mom gets her Moissanite from HSN and loves it.
  7. That was a great deal!!! Who knew Kohls had stuff like that, guess I better keep my eye on! Thanks for the post.
  8. I wavered on posting at first (but only for a min!) because I didn't want to be yelled at by girls saying that this was the equivilant of fakes . . . That might have made the difference on more girls here getting in on the deal so I know better for next time!
  9. I sold my moissanite earrings, but I never thought it was like buying a fake product. I use to always tell people it was Moissanite and not a diamond. It was a great conversation piece because everyone was intrigued.
  10. I totally don't think moissanites are fakes! Some jewelers here carry them and I think it would be an excellent alternative!
  11. ^ I agree. I actually like moissanite a lot from what I've seen. I'd like to try some. I was a bit bummed when I saw they were sold out.