Moissanite or Asha? Please help :)


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Aug 23, 2009
Hi everyone, this is my first time joining the purseforum.

Currently, I'm having a problem deciding whether to buy a Moissanite or an Asha stone. I'm looking for a 7mm to 7.5mm round stone.

My first thought was Moissanite. However, after reading and seeing pictures in this forum, I was being skeptical about its Yellowish/Greenish part.

Asha does not have that kind of problem. But it is basically just an "upgraded" CZ

Please help me out, for your professional opinions :biggrin:
Thank you so much and god bless you all.


Aug 8, 2008
I think I read on another forum that Moissanite is only good for small stones as it has a higher reflective index than diamonds and that is more obvious in larger stones.
I would go for Asha in that size (7-7.5mm) and you can use Moissanite for any smaller stones (if any) in the setting.


Both are great choices. Living in the Pacific NW, moissanite doesn't work for me (lots of the green tint shows in overcast lighting), so I would give Asha the edge.

Here are pics and a video clip of a loose Asha Old Euro cut compared to a number of OEC diamonds. It performed very well! Comparison/

And a thread on the BTD forum where I do a review of this particular Asha cut.


Dec 8, 2010
I have had them all!! I wore a 2ct ash for 2 years and it was nice. my issues with it were it had a slight purple hue to it (noticeable next to colorless diamonds)which i think is a tell tale sign its not a diamond. also i was cleaning it like 2 times a day cause it easily looses shine and sparkle. I like the asha Much better than a regular cz :smile: I recently put a big scratch/gouge in my asha so i decided to try a 2ct moissanite.
And I LOVE the moissanite!!! So much more than the asha.. It shines and sparkles so beautifully. I even love the green/yellow hue it has in some angles or light, to me looks much more natural.
I'm a big fan of moissanite ;)


Mar 22, 2007
Asha but I would rather have an Interlap from WinkCZ than an Asha.


Jun 11, 2007
Asha has much more sparkle than an H&A cut CZ w/o diamond coating.
I saw an 8mm H&A round Asha in person.. it's beautiful but the windowing seemed a little too apparent compared to real diamonds. Maybe windowing won't be as apparent in the sizes you are looking for.

Round moissanites don't look like round cut diamonds because of the cut.