Moissanite lovers? New ring!

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  1. I am wondering if there are any moissanite lovers out there. I would LOVE to see your moissanite jewelry. Please post if you have any!

    I am a huge fan of moissanite. I just added this 14k forever brilliant moissanite ring. In person, it is nice and white and sparkles like crazy.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I have always been curious about Moissanite.
  3. I like moissanite; a lot of bang for the buck!
  4. I think moisannite is cool because the original material was from space!
  5. Gorgeous!!! I love it on you!
  6. Beautiful. I think moissanite is a very pretty stone. I had a necklace made years ago. To me it is expensive, but I collect stone so I did want sonething made with it.
  7. Great link!

    I own both and moissanite is more brilliant. One thing in particular that I like about moissanite more than diamonds is that it stays cleaner. My diamonds seem to get dirty quicky, and I have to clean them to make them sparkle regularly. The moissanite sparkles even if in need of a cleaning. I actually had to buy an ultrasonic cleaner to keep my diamonds looking good.

    Here is a pic with my diamond rings and a 4 ct. moissanite. The moissanite is on top.

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  8. That is the best part! LOL
  9. It has been around for at least 15 years or more. I think it is the perfect alternative to very successful marketing by the diamond cartel. It is all carbon. One just happens to come from a lab, and the other from the earth.
  10. Wow, very interesting. I love the design of the initial ring you posted btw! Love the mix of white and pink moissanites :biggrin: