Moi Coeur Vuitton

  1. :heart:

    MC Coeur with Rose, they play well together, and

    Perle, Rose, MC and Marshmallow Vernis card from SA:yahoo:

    Beauuuuutiiiiful, I'm sooo happy:yahoo:

    Post Couer and Rose.jpg Post PERLE COERU.jpg
  2. i'm happy for you Vee! :yahoo: The MC looks great with your Rose Vernis.....:love:
    Where may I ask is Louis? He had the day off from modeling?
  3. :heart: Hi Mick! He says oink to his auntie! hope you had a nice weekend, I have a day off and getting mini tuned; so Louis is at home on his doggie bed, we played all morning.... he says oinkety oink oink... (gimme some food)...:heart:
  4. SO CUTE!! congrats!!
  5. How cute! congrats!
  6. Nice combo, very sweet!
  7. Your ss is so pretty with her MC heart.
  8. So pretty! :love:
  9. gorgeous!!! Looks lovely all together! :yes: Is the heart about the size of your palm-ish? I know that vernis bag is small..hehe. MC heart is GORGEOUS. congrats.
  10. they are soo pretty against each other.....
  11. oh, they are a match made in heaven! a little louis wedding may be in order for those two lovebirds!
  12. looks great together!
  13. i love your MC Coeur its just to die for. i wish i had the extra money lieing around for one !
  14. Thanks all you lovely lady valentines!!! Photo... did ya hear about the pig weddding in Asia, for the year of the golden pig...??? too funny! I did, the bride wore pink!!!
  15. Congrats!