Mohair Studio: Valentine's Day Sale (Introductory Hair Extensions Package)

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    :heart: Lets Help You Look Your Best For Your Honey :heart:
    Valentines Day Sale


    For the month of February enjoy the following:

    150.00 any style, any highlights
    (up to 300.00 value)

    75.00 any style, any colour
    (up to 150.00 value)

    Japanese Ionic Hair Straightening (I - Straight)
    200.00 any length, texture
    (up to 500.00 value)

    And, our new introductory Hair Extensions Package:
    Processed Indian hair, fabulous texture, long-lasting, variety of colours and affordable!
    While quantities last.

    Each package includes the following:

    * 15% off the regular price of your first maintenance
    * 4 oz's of 18" processed Indian hair
    * hair extension installation
    * cut and colour blending

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