Mohair Blanket and Cashmere Throw

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  1. These are the last pictures I will post tonight. I promise, except a picture of the huge box the Mohair blanket came in. The blanket is for a king size bed and it is not for the bed in the photo. I hated it when I saw it in NYC,but had purchased it already. When I picked mine up at my store I loved it! It is more creamier white than the one at Madison. and fluffier.
    I bought the throw to use for travel with my Victoria. It is aqua and orange. When I saw it in real life I realised; it goes perfectly with my colours in Florida but it isn't staying there.
    mohair lable.jpg mohair.jpg hermes cashmere throw.jpg
  2. Oh Mohair blanket ??? *eyes wide open* sounds divine... any price ?
  3. When I purchased it it was $1,800.00US. I think that it is now more. If you are in NYC you can check on the price. I didn't think to ask,as I was asking the price of the sheared rabbit blanket at $34,000.00 or maybe it was $31,000.00! I was flabbergasted!
  4. queen sized mohair blanket at madison as of last week: $2700
  5. This is the box it came in. My Birkin is a 35cm. It wouldn't fit in my trunk.
    blanket box.jpg
  6. Woooo that is one HUGE box!! And one gorgeous blanket!!!!
  7. Post all you want:yes: Love the colors!!
  8. WOAH!! What a nice big, literally, orange box to come home to!! Gorgeous blanket, it looks soooo soft!
  9. That blanket looks divine. I love the size of the box! Keep those pictures coming....
  10. :wtf:$30K for a freaken blanket?! I'm sure it's divine but I swear that price is just downright criminal!:push:

    The poor bunnies...
  11. The blanket is just dreamy. Looks SO soft. The throw is awesome. Enjoy!

    (I also really really like your shiny white floors (in the throw photo).)
  12. Your collection is gorgoeus!!
  13. It looks so warm and fuzzy........I'm in love.
  14. That is insane for rabbit, plus it'll shed like crazy.
    Gorgeous pics!
  15. Thank you for your nice comments everyone.
    beaumonde, my floors are white washed bamboo.