Mogano vs. Cafe

  1. Still considering which colour to buy.
    Any suggestions or pics to differentiate the two?

  2. There is one very obvious difference. Mogano has red undertones. Cafe is pure brown kinda like coffee bean, a rich dark brown. Both are very very dark!!! I like Mogano since before I even got my first bag so that gets my vote.
  3. Thanks pinkboudoir.
    The pics AR sent me kinda looked very similar.
  4. I found this good comparison picture for you.

    L-R Cafe, Mogano, Sienna(pic belongs to stasnhevn)


    More individual pictures here.

    Which style are you considering?
  5. Thanks you again for the pics.
    I might get them in a FIRST. So would your preference still be mogano?
  6. I love Sienna and Mogano!! I just got a Mogano First too and it is my current fave!!
  7. spins, I do like Mogano in a bigger bag but the colour is Gorgeous it would work on a First IMO. Chinkee21 been raving about her Mogano First a lot so I am sure it is a winner already. :tup: BTW the last I check with AR, the Cafe Brief they had, the leather were dry & crackly looking so you might want to ask again if you are inclined towards Cafe.
  8. I'd go for Mogano. Mogano is my favorite brown:smile: It goes well with everything and the leather is awesome! It was my first City but I'm actually giving that up because I found a Brief in the same color (just can't get enough of that leather)! The reddish undertones are quite clear in certain light. I've attached a pic of my City and the color is pretty true to life
  9. I cant thank you guys enough.... im inclining towards mogano but the cafe is really nice as well from the pics...hmmm.
  10. I prefer the Mogano too ;)
  11. That's a tough choice! I personally like the Cafe
  12. i prefer mogano too :yes: there's something "o4 maroon-ish" about it.. it's got a vintage feel to it.
  13. I love Mogano/Cinnamon!! It's such a warm brown - it's really underrated!
  14. My vote goes for the Mogano as well!! It's so pretty and seems to fit with everything. I also really like the warm, reddish undertones!
  15. My favourite is Mogano as well! But what matters is what YOU think about the color. I get the feeling that you like cafe better, than go for that!