Mogano first at diabro for 130.19! Ha!

  1. OMG! I has to be a mistake! Do you think they'll still honor it, though! If anyone gets it at this price, let us know!
  2. Haha I tried to be funny and got it!! But well if they don't honour it, I'm just gonna ask for a refund and yeah.
  3. I admit... :shame: I saw it early this morning and bought it too... status is still pending... we'll see!
  4. Whoa! I just ordered one- with shipping it was $167 and change.. i'll let you know if it goes through. Hope it does!
  5. Holy crap! Everybody hurry up and buy one before they realize that it was a mistake (?) on their part!!:nuts:
  6. I just ordered one also! Let's see how long it takes Diabro to catch their mistake!
  7. I got one too...I'm nervous. I really want it now!!!
  8. That's hilarious!

    Let me know how it turns out! :graucho:
  9. That's hilarious!!If they honor this oops, it is officially the Best Deal EVER!!
  10. I did too... fingers crossed!
  11. Ordered one too! Hmmm, this should be interesting....:thinking:
  12. ^lol! I wonder how many they have and whether they are fast enough in updating the site!!!!!! :nuts: :lol: If they even honor the price they put there! :mad:
  13. ok I HAD to try it as well- we'll see what happens.

    But notice a lot of the other firsts are listed at 1301.89?? I think someone made a decimal point error!!
  14. I feel guilty - I bought one too....