Mogano/Cinnamon experts, pls advise..

  1. I'm thinking of getting the City '07 AW in Mogano and would like to know if the red hue is much noticable? i'd love to have a very dark brown but can't find Cafe anywhere.. so, I may have to settle for Mogano. Would the color get darker or lighter the more you use it?

    TIA for your replies :smile:
  2. The Mogano is very rich dark brownish red... the undertones are red. But the color is pretty dark & rich.. it's one of my favs, even though I sold mine on eBay.. I'm thinking of acquiring it in another style. Here is a picture from one of past auctions. Diabro has some great pictures as well. I do not see this color getting lighter. (hopefully not!)

  3. has a Giant City in Cafe - I just checked the website
  4. I own the cafe and it is like a very dark chocolate candy bar. When I saw cinnamon in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, it was breathtaking. But both my friend and I said it definitely had red undertones. I don't see either of these bags fading ( fingers crossed).
    If you really want truedark brown, keep looking for cafe.JMHO!
  5. I compared my 05 Chocolate City to the Cinnamon and in all honesty the Cinnamon, although very pretty, definately had more Red in it .... here is a pic of my Chocolate ...

  6. and here is a pic of my 05 Chocolate Day

  7. If you're looking for a chocolate brown, your best bet is the cafe...cinnamon is gorgeous, but there is no mistaking it for cafe. It is a very deep brown, but there is a very noticible burgundy tone to it (think fancy mahogany furniture). Hope that helps :smile:
  8. ^^ ITA, cinnamon's like a rich mahogany color & definitely has a hint of red to it :yes:...but i think that differs somewhat from bag to bag...i've seen others cinnamon bags with more red in them than mine...i've got a cafe brief too, which like peppermintpatty said, is like a dark chocolate bar :drool:...i love both colors equally & will try to take comparison photos tonight!!! :cutesy:
  9. I have the GGH cinnamon brief. I LOVE it and I'm not much of a brown person!
    Mine looks very dark brown-mahogany with slight hint of red, definitely more brown though. I think it is an awesome color - very rich looking. And, the leather on the cinnamon bags is fantastic! I broke it out August 1st and I can see that I will carry it way into the fall! Hope this helps!
  10. I agree with everyone. Cinnamon is a lovely dark brown, and I don't think it will get lighter (unless exposed to extended periods in direct sunlight). With my city, I noticed that the red undertones were most evident only when I took a pic w/direct flash. The pic below is in natural light...
    IMO, it's a great color that will go with lots!! Good luck with your decision!! :smile:

  11. [​IMG]
    Here are two different "lights" of cinnamon, you can see the red in the bottom pic - which is why I just LOVE it!!!!
    Cinnamon WO FLASH 13 (1).jpg CinnamonTPF 3.jpg
  12. I've got the cinnamon part-time. The color and leather look almost identical to Ally's day. It is such a rich color, perfect for fall. I love the reddish undertones. I did at one point have a chocolate city - much different. I believe it is a VERY versatile color. I will wear it with black, grey, camel, greens, and it looks great with jeans and a white top!
  13. Here are some comparison pics I took of the Cafe vs. Cinnamon vs. Sienna.

    w/out flash

    w/ flash
  14. Wow, they all look so rich and yummy...mmm!!
  15. Here's mine...def. a rich brown color, it has red undertones but it's not that obvious. To me Cinnamon is a great non traditional brown shade. Sometimes various shades of brown can look flat (too brown). It all depends on what shade you like :yes:.