Mods - can we make our 'club' threads permanent please?

  1. Mulberry bags are so fab we should have a permanent place to show them off.
    If you look at the LV sub-forum they have permanent 'club' threads. They're great to look at but also really useful if you're thinking of getting a bag in a certain style as you can check it out in different colours etc.
    So how about we have a permanent club section in our Mulberry sub-forum?
    Adorable Araline, Beautiful Bayswater, Elegant Elgin etc, etc.
    Please Mods - how do we go about doing it???
  2. I second that request!
  3. Good idea!!!
  4. yeah!
  5. Apparently our little Mulberry forum isn't busy enough for permanent threads or a clubhouse yet. So girls, we've got to get chatting!!
  6. its a great idea, lets keep posting and fingers crossed it will happen sometime soon!
  7. Bump! It would be great having the club-threads made sticky...

    Pretty please?? :cry:

  8. Yep,its definately a good idea,saves keep bumping useful threads all the time!!
  9. Great idea:tup:
  10. I'll just have to keep bumping till they give us some stickies!! (does that sound rude??):angel:
  11. Lost me ??????????????????????????????
  12. Hahahahahahaha!!! Thats so funny!!! But on a serious note,how much more gossip to we have to do? I mean I can gossip and turn it into an Olympic sport, but how much are we talking?:confused1::nuts:
  13. So getting the stickies depends on the amount of gossip in here? :confused1:
  14. Probably just the number of posts so how about we do
  15. one