Mods / admins, just out of curiosity . . . .

  1. When a disagreement arises in a thread, what makes you cross over from "Let's see where this goes" to "Whoa! This is getting out of hand! I'm going to close this"?
  2. Pretty much simple common sense!!!LOL!
    It varies for all of us,sometimes!
    ..BUT....we have rules here..Once they r gets closed!
  3. Thats a secret, if we tell you, we will have to kill you ;)

    LOL!! Sometimes its based on complaints too.
  4. I suppose it's like monitoring a play date: "Um, I guess this is a little disagreement that the kids and sort out by themselves; it'll be a character building exercise" vs "Yikes! They're pulling hair and biting each other. We better break this up and send them home"
  5. there's not really a set rule unless it's a topic we just do not permit.
    Usually we try and let people work things out w/ little reminders here and there.
    Some people complain we let them go on too long, other people complain we over-moderate.
    We just use our best judgement really.
  6. Precisely.

    If we could always apply cold-cut rule sets to heated discussions, it would make everyone's life much easier. But that is not the case for the most part...
  7. Swanky, I don't think you or any of the mods overmoderate.

    Yes, the spectator in me admits that I would like to see how certain disagreements pan out, but if they're obviously getting out of hand, I do understand the need to be close them.
  8. hahaha. :lol: Think of it as practice for having children!
  9. thanks!

    LOL! Me too honestly, I think w/ adults sometimes they NEED to work it out, but unfortunately, we're not all adults here.
    And I don't mean that in a snarky way, I mean it literally, our membership is truly NOT all adult, we can't expect 15 or 18 yr olds to see eye to eye w/ a 32 yr old, or whatever.

  10. I agree the mods do a great job but sometimes I'm really disappointed when a threads closed down usually because I just typed a great long reply clicked post and BAMM thread closed
  11. My son didn't know what a moderator was until we went to a church meeting where my SO's dad (who's 77) is a moderator.

    This is a moderator (my son's version).

    "A moderator is really old. They drink lots of coffee. When people start talking too much the moderators tell them to stop, which sometimes doesn't happen because some people are deaf, and then the moderator has to say it really loudly":p
  12. ^ROFLMAO..well.....I do drink lots of coffee...heehee
  13. LMBO! I'm not old and I don't drink coffee!:lol:

  14. That is quite possibly the funniest description of a moderator that I've ever heard.
  15. That fits Vlad perfectly.... :amuse: