Modnique beware!


Nov 7, 2008
I shopped with Modnique 4 times, 3 times had problems and now I am stuck with them, because their return policy is misleading.

[*]1 purchase: Gucci perfume, got eau de toilette instead
[*]2 purchase: BcBg items, all okay
[*]3 purchase: Cartier perfume, 3 weeks after purchse item had not yet arrived on the warehouse, purchase was cancelled, got credit

[*]4 purchase:Marc Jacobs LU Leather Patchwork 'Mariah' Shoulder Handbag , described as light-grey, but showed a white purse pic.
I got the item and returned but was denied the refund 613$, sent pics, showing that there was a big discrepancy on the color between the pics on the website and the actual purse.
Also took 30 days after the item was received to provide me with the credit.
terrible to deal with. Will not recomend it


Jun 4, 2006
I would consider only your first purchase to be a real error, but if you got refunded/credited back that's fine.

As for the color of the bag, computer monitors can vary. I would not put them at fault for this. Gray, beige, yellow, white can all appear very similar under different lighting :yes: