Modified Garden Party?

  1. My friend just returned from Las Vegas... although she is not a H fan, I insisted that she take a picture of the display in the windows. She sent this picture back to me today. I've never seen this bag before. It looks like a modified Garden party to me... does anyone know the official name? Is this a new bag?

    I love it...
  2. Ooh! No idea, but me likey!
  3. ooh- I'm lovin' the the belt wraparound :drool:
  4. I remember there is a thread about the new canvas bags for this year...hmm, can't recall the name. Need to do some searching.............................
  5. That's the sac petite ceinture.
  6. Very cute! Anyone have info on price?
  7. You are :tup: THE BEST!
  8. Love that hat!!
  9. saw it at our store several months ago in all black. it did not do anything for me, but the cream and brown one looks smashing!
  10. These are much nicer IRL than they look in pics, IMHO. :tup:

    They come in similar combinations as the GPT, and the pricing is similar, but perhaps a little higher. My SA called it the "belt bag". (ceinture=belt)
  11. My SA just called it was the belted bag!
  12. Yeah, HG is THE best! H guru. :heart::heart:
  13. I am always amazed by the amount of knowledge in tPF. Throw out a question and one will always get an answer...

    Thanks for all your help Hermesgroupie!
  14. That is very nice!
  15. Saw this 2 weeks ago. Looks very good.