Modest dressing doesn't have to be boring

  1. No, I have been looking for it too, found this on a blog and it was not linked, sorry
  2. I have admired her style for some time now, absolutely beautiful! The all white is my favorite!
  3. Qatar..

    but she is a great example of modest dressing :smile:
  4. Great thread!
  5. amazing photos! great thread
  6. Thanks for the correction!:flowers:

    From IFFAH and the Asians and hermes thread:


    She also has an instagram page:
  7. Thank you!!:flowers:What a lovely compliment!!:hbeat:

    Me too!!:ghi5:I like so many of her outfits and her jewelery!!:p
  8. So true!

    I'm in the same boat...:p

    I just find this style so get to express your personality so much more!
  9. I love this thread! I tend to dress somewhat more modestly, but not for any religious reasons or affiliation. I just believe less is more and I would rather look like Grace Kelly than Kim Kardashian. :lol: One of my favorites is Duchess Catherine, she typically dresses nicely, but without exposing too much. (Yes I know she gets flak for dressing like an "old lady.") I also tend to like and buy a lot of vintage 1940s and 1950s clothing. I just adore the styles that women wore back then and the fact that being fashionable or attractive wasn't equated with how much flesh was on display.

    I love everything posted here but I'm ridiculously short, and so I rarely wear such long skirts or maxi dresses.
  10. image-4014154504.jpg

    Stunning dress!!
  11. Holy cows!!!:ps:Amazing look!! Thank you for sharing!!!:flowers:
  12. sure thing :flowers:, thanks for the new pics - they are a great inspiration.

    i am myself a modest dresser for years, although people dont get it. it is more relaxing for me, especially at work and around my little girls. it is not nearly as challenging as people suggest to look cool and stylish while dressing modestly.

  13. She is a Bollywood actor and this dress was only modest from the front, the back went was open all the way.

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  14. They were two different dresses but same color.


    This is the second one.