Modest collection, mostly SLGs, straps, holders

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  1. I am mad about Hermes and BV small useful items - key holders, ID holders, card cases, pouches which I use for everything small, and best of all BV cell phone holders with straps .....they are my saviours when I need to find things quickly and strap them in style to any bag

    I have a small Ebano vintage bag and cosmetic bag, and Hermes orange cosmetic bag....and a long belt which I use as Paloma Picasso cross-body strap. BV has colours perfectly matching Hermes and Bal, so for their bags they are amazing companions

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  2. Love your SLGs! How do you store them so you can see what you have to decide what to carry fir the day? Do you switch out frequently?
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  3. Gorgeous collection! It must be fun to choose what you’re going to tuck into your bag each day.....
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  4. That is an amazing collection of SLGs! Thanks for sharing!

    Would you happen to have anything in Rouge H togo to compare with any BV reds?
  5. THANKS ! I hang them on my bookshelf on one of the purse hangers I have and every time I change my bag I choose another lanyard, risking to forget my ID and other stuff, but it is fun and cheerful

    yes it is fun, and I do change them often, especially phone holders
    yes, I believe it is rouge, although perhaps rouge is a bit darker than this Ulysse

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  6. Thank you! :flowers:
  7. wonderful collection! :loveeyes:
  8. Thanks a lot ❤️
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  9. Your purple BV leather! :love::love::love::love::love: Exquisite!
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